Buyer’s Remorse???

While I have placed a bid on a house, I still continue to look at other houses on the market. My biggest fear… buyer’s remorse, how do I know I have picked the right house? There was a house I hoped to bid on and waited too long… so this one I didn’t want to make the same mistake. While I have looked at it three or four times before I placed the bid. I hope I have picked the right house. But the buyer’s remorse is in the back of my head. I wondered how to make it go away… thanks to my ever faithful Google, I found out… First, I need to stop looking at other houses. Then I need to look at my wants and needs list and determine the following, does the house I am bidding on include the most important things on my list (check), what qualities made this house stand out from ALL the others I have looked at, did I find many houses that met my needs or is this “the one,” if I back out of the bidding/contract is it realistic to think I will find a better house, and has the house changed from when I placed the bid. Looking at these questions, helps put my buyer’s remorse fears at ease.


5 responses to “Buyer’s Remorse???

  1. Where on Google did you find this information? Can you provide a link?

  2. LOL… I must say I can add the link… I just went to google and searched buyers remorse… here is the link to the site I used. Hope it helps.

  3. Hello my old friend,

    Although I don’t know much about real estate and the process of purchasing a house, I do know you. What you need to remember is to always follow your gut. There is always going to something out there better than what you have. What you have to remember is what feels good for you. Look at the community, local stores, police department. etc. If all those things fit your personality, needs, and ocassionally wants…then you are ok.

  4. The picture of the house, to me, is somewhat enough to know that you’ve made the right decision–it’s so cute!

    Questions that I have about your blog:

    How long have you been looking for a house?
    Ranking the “3 Most Important Want/Needs of (any potential) house, what are the top 3 that you’re looking for?
    And…does this particular house satisfy these needs?
    If not, keep looking…

    • Dave,
      To answer your questions:
      “3 Most Important Want/Needs of (any potential) house, what are the top 3 that you’re looking for?
      And…does this particular house satisfy these needs?”

      I have been “looking” on line for a few years now, seriously looking in person for the past 5-6 months. I have been through house after house. Yes this house has what I am looking for. Top three… character outside, character inside, and quality workmanship… hence the older house. I do not want a house that isn’t sturdy. I have to have character inside and outside, I don’t want my house to look exactly like my neighbors house and if it does, It better have some major character, example the row houses in Chicago’s Pullman district although many houses look similar, have character. I do not want to live in the suburban sprawl even if I live in the suburbs.

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