Counter Offer…

While I have placed the bid… and I felt good about my FIRST bid… I wasn’t as happy with their counter offer. Now I have to decide where to go from here I have to come up but how much do I come up… how many times can we counter bid. While I did my research on similar houses in the neighborhood and how much they are worth or at least listed for… this house was listed VERY high. So while I talked to my parents first… of course I needed to turn to my ever faithful Google, I found an article about negotiation home prices… I had to laugh at the first tip… offer less than the listing price… isn’t that a given? Second tip was to look at many houses look at the prices on the other houses in the area so you are better equipped to figure out the asking price, check. This same article goes on to say that it should be a win/win situation… not sure how I feel on that, LOL. I want to be the winner here! Right? Also, ask for what you want… if the roof needs to be replaced ask as part of your negotiating. Last look at how much you want the house and what it is worth. Look at how long the house has been on the market decide are you willing to walk away from the house if the home owner does not come down to your price?


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  1. luartofblogging

    Remember when you mention articles in your posts to link up to those articles. (When writing your post, highlight the text you want to become the link and hit the little chainlink icon above where you’re entering the text. All you have to do then is insert the URL of where you found the article.) This will make it easier for people to find the info if they’re interested in it, and it starts building your connection with the rest of the web.

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