The Art of Compromise

Can I walk away or do I really want this house? While it is a cute house, Yes I can and will walk away, I don’t necessarily want to. So the second counter offer came down only $1,000… that was kind of slap in the face. So now to figure out what I should do next. I have realized I am not much of a game player but I am learning how to play this game.  Splitting the difference… but first we have to get close enough to have a difference to split. Moving in smaller increments… they must have read this article too… their last negotiation was $1,000… I guess it could be smaller but still. Look at what you need or don’t need washer and dryer… should it stay or should it go. These are all ways to work on coming to a compromise. I think I am good at compromise, but still I want to win a little. If I have to, I can and will walk away. There are a lot of houses out on the market… this one has been on the market for some time now. Maybe they need to work on their compromising skills and come down a little more than half way.


One response to “The Art of Compromise

  1. Negotiating is a difficult process. But saying you can and will walk away is a good thing. When I was house hunting last summer, I had to walk away from one place I really fell for after negotiations fell apart. It all worked out, though, because I eventually found a place I loved way more.

    If the housing market is still in as bad of shape as it was when I was buying, you should have quite a bit of leverage as the buyer. Homes just aren’t moving and there are a ton in foreclosure and as short sales.

    But don’t take this as solid advice. This isn’t my area of expertise =)

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