You won $10 million…

A few weeks ago we were given a challenge we won $10 million and had to tell our bff, our mom, and our boss. With my winnings I was going to quit my job and move to Italy and buy a villa… what a great dream right. Even better my bff will be moving with me. I have found the perfect villa it actually has two houses and a swimming pool.  While one needs to be “refinished” we can live in one while the other is being “redone”.  If I ever win… watch out Italy here I come.  In reality why did I post this… to help people realize you can find housing anywhere in the world here is an example for the villa in Italy I found.  Happy Hunting!


7 responses to “You won $10 million…

  1. That’s a cute little villa! I like it!

  2. luartofblogging

    Once upon a time, I did a bunch of internet house hunting for Scotland and England. You’re right, there are a lot of resources out there for properties around the globe.

    It’s horrifying how much a home can cost in some places over there, though! A $250k house here costs like two or three times as much in certain places in Europe.

  3. This sounds like a dream! Ah, wouldn’t it be nice. Just dying to go to Italy. Have you ever been there?

  4. I know the houses over there are amazing… they have so much character and history. I have not been to Italy, would love to go… have been to Ireland and Norway… England, Italy, Greece and France are on my list of places to go.

  5. I need to start looking at places to live near possible universities I want to work at overseas. Maybe you can give a good starting point I am clueless and have no money. In the end I am just hoping to find the job and things will fall into place, like housing.

    • For looking overseas, I would recommend going to google and putting in rentals in what city and country you are looking in. The other option would be working through the university. Many universities have information for their staff on how or where to find housing in the area. Often times that is the best start. Good Luck with your future job search!

  6. ohhh sooo pretty! if only!

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