Historic Districts

Sorry, life has gotten in the way of writing my blog… Well the house I put my bid on, did not come through. So I got to thinking maybe it is a sign. I have not found any houses in the area (I have been looking in) that I like or am interested in so I was wondering if I wasn’t looking in the right place. Currently I have been looking close to where I work… I have now decided to look in Chicago… more specifically, the same neighborhood where my BFF lives, which is a historic district in Chicago. I went this weekend and looked at 5 different houses out of the 5; there was one that interested me. There are two more houses I will be looking at this coming weekend. This area is a historic district so I have been looking at some information about buying in a historic district. The cool thing is that buying in a historic district is part of a “bigger” thing, it is something special that makes the neighborhood unique. Also, property values tend to increase in a historic district. One thing that people may see as a downfall, but I think it is a good thing is there is a code of what you can and cannot do to the outside of the house. Preservation is an important thing in a historic district. Another positive to buying in a historic district is the possibility of lower taxes. While buying in a historic district isn’t for everyone, it is a wonderful part of history. It is important if you make the choice to buy in a historic district to research the requirements for your specific neighborhood. Here is the outside of the one house I am interested in:


2 responses to “Historic Districts

  1. If you’re not too familiar with neighborhoods in Chicago, Tanya definitely has insight. She used to live in Chicago and still lives nearby in Elmwood Park. If you want, get me the address and I’ll ask her about it and what can be expected from that area in the near future.

  2. Thanks Heather,
    Actually my best friend lives in the Pullman neighborhood and has lived there for four or five years. It is a great little neighborhood, there is a lot of neighbor interaction and the people really seem to look out of one another. I have spent a lot of time there. There are a couple of other houses that I will be looking at next weekend in the same neighborhood. Tell Tanya hi for me.

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