My House… or not…

I know it has been a while, but I found my house… I have made an offer on a house that is listed HIGH for the neighborhood it is in and the size of the house. I put my bid in and the owner didn’t even come back with a counter offer. Really… I thought the housing market was a buyers market. He really thinks he is going to get what he wants for a two bedroom house. I have been told from the neighbors that the house is listed high, the wife of the owner thinks the house is listed high and his realtor thinks the house is listed high. This is the house that said Hi, You’re home! So now what, I wait… and see what happens. It has only been on the market a few weeks and maybe a few weeks down the road, he will be more willing to deal. I don’t know. This should be my house, but I know what it is worth in the neighborhood it is in… I understand it is his house and it can be hard to part with something but really he has it listed about $20,000 higher than the neighborhood shows it is worth, and doesn’t want to negotiate.  I just hope I am not making a mistake waiting a while. Wish me luck.


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