Six for Saturday

Today is the new start to my blog… I am going to be attempting to blog more and have various themes through out the week…  Saturdays are going to follow the six theme… either six questions answeres, six new ideas, or something else that follows that theme. Today I am going to share the six things my house (which I am still trying to find) must have, if they don’t have these six things… I probably won’t even look… well I might look because you never know what house is going to speak to you.

So the top six things needed/wanted in my house are as follows:

1. A Basement – this is a deal breaker… if there is no basement and all the other things… it is a no go. I won’t even look at a house without a basement. I want a “clean” dry basement. A place to work, socialize and for storage.

2. Character – I really need a house that doesn’t look like everyone elses house on the block. I am looking at older neighborhoods. No cookie cutter houses for me. I am an individual and I need just as unique house.

3. A front porch – I’m talking a real front porch. One a rocking chair and plants can be at home on. One I can decorate for each season. A great place to sit after work and have a glass of wine or two.

4. A dining room – important / not important depends on the person… I have a dining room set that I am not willing to give up, so I want to have a dining room.

5. A garage – Doesn’t have to be attached, but my jeep is tired of living outside. She wants a home too. She doesn’t really like having her windows scraped in the winter, anymore than I like scraping windows. Hopefully I will find a house with a garage.

6. Bathtub – After a hard days work, a nice soak in a tub is what this girl needs and wants. I can hardly wait for a new house with my own bathtub. I can see it now… some bubble bath, a glass of wine and a couple of candles, this girl would be set.

That’s it for today’s six! 🙂 If you’re in the market or have your own house, what was on your list?


2 responses to “Six for Saturday

  1. Good for you, setting specific blog goals. I really think it’s the only way to go.

    When I was house hunting, all I wanted was a quiet neighborhood and a workable (i.e. not supertiny) kitchen. And yeah, I like houses with character too. The new ones are so cheaply built anyway, I don’t know why people are so into them.

    Good luck with the open house!

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