Monday’s ???

Like I said, I am making changes to my blog… and Monday’s are going to either be – TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday, Monday Moments, or Menu Monday. I think it will be determined by how the weekend goes and/or how my mood is. Today, TGIM wouldn’t be a good thing. TGIM is going to be about all the craziness I deal with over the weekend and why I am happy Monday is here, and today I am wishing for one more day of the weekend. While I got a lot done this weekend, I could have used one more day to do more. The weekend of the fallen trees would have made a great TGIM. Monday Moments… I had a Monday Moment today, First on my way to work, I had to wait for the train… then I thought I would take a short cut to avoid the construction… but little to my knowledge, they were doing road resurfacing on my “short cut” which was down to a one lane road. UGH MONDAYS!!! The good thing… I made it to work right on time. 🙂 As for the Menu Monday… I’m thinking pasta tonight and nothing creative, just pasta with homemade tomato sauce from all the tomatoes that are in the garden. Anyone have a great sauce recipe? 

So as for now… I guess it is a Monday Moment for this week. Keep watching as things will be changing.


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