Saturday 6 – Collections

Today I’m going to share the top 6 things I collect  and some collections I have seen that I think are great if I had the room.

1. Elephants – I have elephants of all shapes and sizes I just think that they are so beautiful and always seem so calm.

2. Corks – I save the corks from my wine bottles… don’t know what I am going to do with them, right now they are just being collected in jars (also something I collect but not talking about here). Some people collect and save the lables… I keep the corks. All of them, the plain ones, the pretty ones it doesn’t matter.

3. Gnomes – I have collected Gnomes since I was little… I don’t have a lot, but I have been finding more and more… maybe they are multipling on me.

4. Glasses – I have glasses from everywhere. I find a unique (to me) glass and I have to have it. I have a variety of pint glasses from all over, I have a variety of shapes of wine glasses, which I like because I don’t like all my wine glasses to look alike. Don’t have a lot of shot glasses, looks like a new collection to start 🙂

5. Ocean themed stuff – I love to sail – I love lighthouses and I love anything to do with the beach.

6. Animal Print Anything – As you all know I am working on buying a house. Once in my house, my plan is to have at least one animal print thing in every room. We will see what happens. I need more furniture with animal print, but that will have to wait.

Things that I have seen being collected that I like:

Antique Hand Mirrors – these were displayed all around a bigger mirror in the bathroom, the effect was really cool. Door Knockers, Fiestaware, Crosses, Pottery, Tea Cups, Old Fans, and Old Clocks.

What is your unique collection?


2 responses to “Saturday 6 – Collections

  1. I collect jokes, but that’s kind of a work thing. And watch out for combining collections and homeowning — I swear objects can reproduce on their own!

  2. I am pretty sure you are right… and when people know what you collect, then reproduction rates are really high. I collect quotes too… but that is a work thing for me.

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