Thank God it’s MONDAY!!! Yes I am glad it is Monday… Monday’s are a retreat from the “hard” work I do on the weekends. This weekend I spent much of Saturday moving wood, not logs that you would burn on a fire, but wood boards 2×4’s 12′ long… 1×6’s 12′ long some shorter some thicker… what a crazy hot day. Once that was done… there was computer repair work and then on to showering and getting ready for church. After church walking through cruise night checking out the cars and home to bed, I was beat after moving all that wood.

Sunday brought about walking the Antique Market… it was hotter than it was supposed to be, but found some good bargains/deals. Can’t wait to decorate my new house. ( Hopefully that will be coming soon) So work often come at just the right time to give me the opportunity to rest for the next weekends work. 😉


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