The First Week

I have owned my house for over a week, and been sleeping here for just about a week. So many things to get use to, so many things to do and even more that I want to do. I so far am enjoying my house, I have gone through the whole range of emotions while I have been surviving in a disorganized place. The first night I was staying, my parents were about to leave and I cried… well that isn’t much of a surprise, I am a crier anyway I cry at sappy movies and commercials as well as touching cards and books. And forget about a love song that takes me back to time spent someplace else. So what made me cry that day? Just the overwhelming thought of where to begin and not only that but the thought that I was alone in this house. Things have gotten better over the week, the overwhelmingness has diminished, not gone, but definitely lessened. Things are coming together, but I still have a long way to go. At least it is beginning to look like a house or actually a home.

The biggest issue of my first week was moving my cat into the house, first, she doesn’t like to travel… and she was living at my parents house which is about 45 minutes from where I live.  The trip wasn’t as bad as some of the trips to the vet, however, it still wasn’t the best. When we got to the house, I took her to the basement, where her litter box is. I let her out of her carrier, and she bolted. She found her hiding place, she spent the first 24+ hours at the house under the stairs. She has made her way out and has made herself at home. Just another unexpected stressor for a new home owner.


2 responses to “The First Week

  1. It will get easier. I’ve never lived away from my parents until I got married. We moved into our home 7 months ago. It gets easier. You’ll be so busy in those first few months especially that you won’t even have time (or energy) to get home sick. My dog adjusted after a couple weeks. Everything will fall into place, lovey.

  2. Thanks Mindy, it already has gotten a little easier as things are finding their home (even if it is tempory) and I am getting use to all the little noises that the house makes. I am so glad that I have done this, and I don’t know what I would do with out the support of my parents. My cat is getting better, now I just have to get her on a better schedule. I don’t like being woke up for breakfast at 5am. We are fighting every morning about sleeping in or getting up. 🙂 I am hoping to win this battle.

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