Monthly Archives: May 2011

The dreaded question…

Why’s a girl like you still single? Good come back… I don’t know, why are you married? These day’s when I think about all the cheating I see going on in the news… what is the point exactly?

Yep, I’m single… I am a 30 something… successful (at least in my eyes) gainfully employed, own my own house, no major debt, no children, not crazy (at least I don’t think so, down to earth, pretty and smart woman. So why am I still single?

Most days my answer is because I enjoy my freedom, but in reality, I am not sure I do things that I wouldn’t do if I were in a relationship. My other reason… I haven’t met the “right” man yet. I do say yet, I hold out hope that there is someone out there and it isn’t someone I passed in the store or saw one night at the bar oh so long ago. As I have been unpacking, I have come across letters from ex-boyfriends… reading them I wonder what if I would have stayed on that path where would I be today, who would I be today. I think all the choices we make (good and bad) help us become who we are today… so I wonder, what if I would have said yes instead of no.

Back to answering the question, my favorite answer by far, I heard in the movie Just Wright – “I just haven’t found what I am looking for… The one I can’t live without.” So far I have dated many a guy some very different from one another… some similar to one another… and yet at the time, not a one has been one that I want to live my life without. Let alone someone I want to share my life with. Sure there have been a few that I thought, well maybe… but then when I stepped back and examined what I was really looking at or feeling… something inside said nope at the time.  What is your come back to the question?

Red Light District… or…

I have been working on decorating and organizing the inside of my house, but I can’t help but think about the outside as well. My house is a white house, with a black front door and shutters. I want to refinish my front porch lights, house numbers and mail box (rusted brass), I would like to paint them black as well. My other thoughts are to have red flowers out in front. So far, I have a red hanging plant, I plan to add more as time and money permit. My other idea, takes me to my title. Once I have repainted the lights and have them back in place, I would like to find the perfect color bulb to the front and side doors. This idea came from friends who have their porch light a blue light. Wonderful for ease of directions, come to the house with the blue light.

My dilemma, what color to add to my porch. While red would make sense a wonderful accent to black and white… I don’t want the neighborhood to have  thoughts along the lines of my starting a brothel. 😉 Other choices I have seen: Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blacklight and the blue.

With the red flowers which most likely won’t be seen when the porch light is on, what would your suggestion be for picking a light bulb? Because I don’t think I want people to think they are living near/in the red light district. Any suggestions?

Photo Challenge – Red

Red… I took a picture of this at a friend’s house. I loved this picture from the first day I saw it. I don’t know if it was because of the color… Red is one of my favorite colors. The sparkle of the ring… the size of the picture. My photo doesn’t exactly do it justice, but it is one of my favorite things. It also fit the photo challenge of Red.

The Back Up Plan

So tonight I was watching the movie “The Back Up Plan” cute movie. While I was watching, I was thinking of my own life, plans I made and plans that have worked out and plans that have had to change.

While some decisions have been first choice, many seem to have been “back up plans.” They are not things I would want to change, because they are the choices that have made me the person I am today. For example, I never really planned to buy a house by myself, however, I know that it is making me a stronger person. I would like to say it was making me a more independent woman, however, I think I have bought this house because of my independence. I don’t have or want to rely on anyone else. Does that make me selfish? Perhaps. Or maybe it just makes me scared to trust others.

While this is not my favorite movie, I did enjoy it, and it did make me think of all the decisions I have made and others that I still need to make. Do you have back up plans? If so, what are they?