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My weekend in pictures… Things that made me happy

This weekend was a busy one, some of the best times from the weekend, I didn’t take pictures of… Friday night, I went to dinner with one of the coolest, strongest woman I know, didn’t take pictures. Saturday morning, had to get an oil change… during the oil change, my mom and I walked around the “French Hens Market” and then checked out the stores downtown. When that was done went out to my parents house and found a cute little tree frog in the garden. Then on to church and Cruise Night. Sunday morning, my parents headed up to my place to help me pick up a free stack of bricks. Two truck loads, loaded by hand. Did I mention that I have GREAT parents? I have no pictures from the bricks… because we were too busy moving the bricks to think about pictures. After moving the bricks, on to Home Depot… where there were no pictures taken either. Picked up some new plants, some hardware to hang some shelves, and some bug spray. Pictures from my DIY planter to come! 🙂 Check out the other pictures:

Car from the cruise night… I could see myself driving down the road, wind blowing through my hair.

Look at this little bug, check out the driver’s door…

check out the passenger’s side door… see the difference?  🙂 Love it! And the colors!

Awww the little tree frog!

Sign would look great in my bedroom!

Found in one of the downtown stores. I have an old lamp and the silk lampshade is falling apart. When I saw this, I thought what a great way to use something instead of adding it to the landfill. Watch for another DIY project to come!

Great words to live by!

Cute planter, Mom and I both liked. Looks like another DIY project in the works!

Still have a lot to do to get my house together, but things are slowly coming together both inside and out. Love the chance to get out and get ideas to do to my house.

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday 6 – Collections

Today I’m going to share the top 6 things I collect  and some collections I have seen that I think are great if I had the room.

1. Elephants – I have elephants of all shapes and sizes I just think that they are so beautiful and always seem so calm.

2. Corks – I save the corks from my wine bottles… don’t know what I am going to do with them, right now they are just being collected in jars (also something I collect but not talking about here). Some people collect and save the lables… I keep the corks. All of them, the plain ones, the pretty ones it doesn’t matter.

3. Gnomes – I have collected Gnomes since I was little… I don’t have a lot, but I have been finding more and more… maybe they are multipling on me.

4. Glasses – I have glasses from everywhere. I find a unique (to me) glass and I have to have it. I have a variety of pint glasses from all over, I have a variety of shapes of wine glasses, which I like because I don’t like all my wine glasses to look alike. Don’t have a lot of shot glasses, looks like a new collection to start 🙂

5. Ocean themed stuff – I love to sail – I love lighthouses and I love anything to do with the beach.

6. Animal Print Anything – As you all know I am working on buying a house. Once in my house, my plan is to have at least one animal print thing in every room. We will see what happens. I need more furniture with animal print, but that will have to wait.

Things that I have seen being collected that I like:

Antique Hand Mirrors – these were displayed all around a bigger mirror in the bathroom, the effect was really cool. Door Knockers, Fiestaware, Crosses, Pottery, Tea Cups, Old Fans, and Old Clocks.

What is your unique collection?