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Tribute to a lost friend… my friend Lars

Just a few photos of my friend Lars. We lost Lars last night / this morning. 9-18-11. I got to say good-bye to him on Saturday. I knew things were not good when I went to my parents house on Saturday. Lars always was excited to see me. His whole body would shake and he would verbally through whines and barks let me know how excited he was that I was home. It will never be the same going to their house. Lars was one of the calmest, easy-going dogs I have known. I will miss him, but am very glad that he didn’t have to suffer with people poking him trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Now he is back with his best friend and sister, they are playing in Heaven. Enjoy! RIP buddy. Love you!

Sepia Sunday

Happy Sunday all… just wanted to share a picture I took the other day while driving. Well actually, for this picture, I was stopped at a stop light. (Remember, driving and taking pictures is not a safe or good thing) This man was driving a scooter and had this little guy in a basket in the back. So glad I had my camera with me. Have a great one. Off to the Antique Market.