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A Girl, A Jeep and A House

Well, all this time of my house hunting, I have not said anything about my Jeep… I have a Jeep, I LOVE it! I will drive anywhere in it, love being able to have my sunroof open and going down the road to where ever. This weekend, I had to have some maintenance done… hmmm I didn’t all together enjoy that, however it needed to be done. I have 4 count them, yes 4 new tires and was supposed to get new brakes as well. Brakes are coming on Wednesday, there was a leaky part and no where had the part needed. So on Wednesday, my baby will be back at the doctors getting fixed.  

Still looking for the house, have not given up, have my feelers out for the “perfect” house for me!  When I sat in my Jeep for the first time, it spoke to me, I know when I find my house, it will say… Hi! You’re home!