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WWW… Wednesdays

To play along, just answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you just finish reading?
  • What is next on your reading list?

Thought I would join in on this posting for today’s post. Reading is one of my escapes, so it makes sense on a day that I want to escape I write about it.

My current read is comfort food, only a couple of chapters in and already, I’m hooked. As far as I can tell it is about a mother and her daughters relationships. We will see where it goes.




The book I just finished reading, was a dual book from Nora Roberts, it is the first of two books on the MacGregor Clan. Playing the Odds and Tempting Fate. The books are basically about a family, and the patriarch is determined to marry off his children, which surprise, he does. Since reading provides an escape for me, these books do just that, give me an opportunity to escape.


As for what is next on my list… It sort of depends on when I finish and what boxes get unpacked next. One book on my list, Cesar Millan’s – Be the Pack Leader (borrowed from my parents), Rachel Cline’s – What to Keep (found at Good Will, liked the look of the cover) or Jennifer Weiner’s – The Guy not Taken, (ie – my life also found at Good Will, read all her other books).

Not only do I love to read, but I love to shop for books, I love bookstores new and used – large and small, thrift stores digging through their book section, or going to garage sales and finding someone who loves books as much as I do.

One of my favorite bookstores I have ever spent time in is a little bookstore in Hyde Park in Chicago, 57th Street Books. It is a bookstore you can get lost for hours in, one that no one will bother you (unless you are with someone who is in a hurry) and you can browse and browse. It is a lovely little bookstore, something very different from the big bookstores if you ever find yourself with time on your hands in the Hyde Park area, make your way to 57th Street Books.

So thankful for spring as garage sales will be starting which means adding to my book selection.

What have you read recently? Where do you shop for books and/or what is your favorite place to find your books?

How to choose where to live???

So I now have a dilemma… I am trying to decide where to buy a house… Do I buy in a town by my job or do I buy in the city (by friends) where I have to commute to work. Of course I went to my trusty google and tried to find some information to make my decision easier. One thing I read was to make your decision to live some where that will improve your quality of life, understand what your core needs and interests are and will be. To understand these needs, you have to look at

1. What really matters – Place is as important as job, but neither are as important as family and friends

2. Room for Career Flexibility – living in the city would definitely leave more options for continued career growth, although I am VERY happy in my current position

3. Live where your income is at least as high as the median… I am sure there is a way to find this out… perhaps google…

4. Consider more choice is not always more desirable – look at why more might just be less.

5. Keep your commute short – how short is short? If I were to buy in the town where I have been looking, it would be between a 15 and 20 minute commute; if I were to buy in the city… 45 – 50 minutes, but it would be a reverse commute. Hmmm…

6. Don’t relocate away from a spouse or significant other (SO NOT AN ISSUE! 🙂 )

7. Seek diverse populations for a richer life – One thing I do want is a diverse but safe neighborhood…

8. Make a decision to improve the world – Live life in sync with values and intention to make a difference.

So even through all this… I still don’t know how to decide… town or city… near friends or nearer to family…  Any thoughts???