About – AKA Who am I?

What to say… I am a girl… actually a lady.  I have a Jeep and am working on buying a house.

I have so many interests it is hard to begin.

Outside – I love taking walks, sitting somewhere with a glass of wine and people watching,

Inside – sitting in front of a fire relaxing with a glass of wine and having conversation with someone I care about. Cooking. Discussing Politics with people who are rational, meaning that they can have a discussion and even if you disagree it doesn’t turn into a crazy battle.

Books –  I love to read, one day would like to have a library in my house. I love books.

Movies – so many that I like – I like old black and white all the way up to todays goofy movies. It depends on the mood what I will watch. Some of my favorites Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Holiday, Fools Rush In, Accepted, Polar Express, there are many more but these are a few of my go to movies.

Music – I will listen to almost anything country, jazz, rock, hip hop / r&b, classical, international, but my current favorites are Kenny Chesney, Sarah McLachlan, Lady Antebellum, and Michael Buble

Art / Creative – I dabble in stained glass, can’t wait to get an area in the basement set up so I can really work on some project, I love taking pictures, I do some basic knitting, I love looking at Art paintings, photography, and sculptures.

So excited to soon be decorating my own house.

Physical – I enjoy working out… it is time to get back at it! I have been missing it. Swimming, walking, biking are some of my “favorites”

Mental – reading the newspaper on Sunday morning, sudoku puzzles, the news and politics


9 responses to “About – AKA Who am I?

  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I like the title of yours.

  2. First of all, it’s so cool that you have a picture of Eugene the Jeep on your site!

    Also, “one day would like to have a library in my house” makes me think of a story. Stephen King told of a time his neighbour had died, and he had suggested to his wife that they buy the house and use it as their library, just bookshelves in every room, and then they could build an underground train that ran between the houses so they could visit their books without having to go outside. His wife asked why in the world they would want to do that.

    “Because we can!” was his answer. 🙂

    • Hmmm I think I like Stephen’s idea, I have never heard that story, thank you for sharing. “Because we can” is often a good answer for almost anything, in my opinion. And the thought of having an underground train that goes back and forth between the two houses, so fun! Thank you for reading, and know that you are the only person who has either noticed, or commented on Eugene! 🙂 Got to love Eugene!

  3. i like reading the comic section of the sunday news !!! lol…nice bio and nice blog…very neat . and nice to meet you!!

  4. Thanks for reading Eva… The comics are one of the best parts, I also like the book section and the arts and entertainment.

  5. The fact that you like the movie Accepted means that you’re a blog buddy for life. Most people I talk to don’t even know that fantastically entertaining movie exists.

    Kudos to you.

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