Saturday 6 – My Favorite 6 pictures

Here are six of my favorite pictures that are in my collection. Not in any particular order… Enjoy!

1.) Butterfly in the Garden – I enjoy taking pictures of nature. This one turned out great.

2.) Red- This is a picture of a picture. It is a picture hanging in someones house. I really liked the picture. Red is a favorite color of mine and I fell in love with this picture.

3.) My Baby – This is my cat when she was cute and little – now she is a beast… I think that is why I like this picture it takes me back to when I first got her.

4.) Grandma and I – One of my favorite baby pictures of me – I didn’t take the picture but I had to add it in here. All the rest are pictures I took.

5.) Cowboys- There is something about a man in a cowboy hat… while these guys are not real cowboys I loved the opportunity I had to snap a picture.

6.) Wind Power – I just loved the chance I had to get a picture of the old and the new. The barn and the turbine. It went together so perfectly.


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