Looking again…

Well it looks like I am going to be looking through what is on the market again… I hope some more houses come on the market because I think I have seen them all. I am a woman with a particular taste, I know what I am looking for and how much I want to spend, and since the owner of this house doesn’t want to negotiate very much, I guess I have to walk away. They don’t understand the art of compromise. Or maybe I don’t… that might be what I have to learn about next… the art of compromise! It is a beautiful day… I must go do something outside. Watch for more soon.


2 responses to “Looking again…

  1. Sounds like it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck with your continued search. I’m sure it will work out in the end. I too thought I had looked at everything before finding the home I’m sitting in right now as I type this.

  2. Good luck with the next one! I do think it is better to know what you want when house hunting than to not know what you want at all. 🙂 And if you really like a house and they don’t come down on a price for you, still check up on it once in a while. After a house sits on the market longer than expected, you may be surprised how willing someone may be to re-compromised.

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