Red Light District… or…

I have been working on decorating and organizing the inside of my house, but I can’t help but think about the outside as well. My house is a white house, with a black front door and shutters. I want to refinish my front porch lights, house numbers and mail box (rusted brass), I would like to paint them black as well. My other thoughts are to have red flowers out in front. So far, I have a red hanging plant, I plan to add more as time and money permit. My other idea, takes me to my title. Once I have repainted the lights and have them back in place, I would like to find the perfect color bulb to the front and side doors. This idea came from friends who have their porch light a blue light. Wonderful for ease of directions, come to the house with the blue light.

My dilemma, what color to add to my porch. While red would make sense a wonderful accent to black and white… I don’t want the neighborhood to have  thoughts along the lines of my starting a brothel. 😉 Other choices I have seen: Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blacklight and the blue.

With the red flowers which most likely won’t be seen when the porch light is on, what would your suggestion be for picking a light bulb? Because I don’t think I want people to think they are living near/in the red light district. Any suggestions?


3 responses to “Red Light District… or…

  1. I think dark red is a great accent. I would not add a “red light” though…..

    spread the

  2. Oh, I love yellow- a yellow porch would look really cozy and inviting. I know what you are saying about lightbulbs… my neighbors have some really cool solar lights- big round bulbs that change colour… they go from purple to blue to green…. ;o)

  3. Oh, the color changing ones would be even more fun than just one color. Thanks for that idea. And thank you guys for reading!

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